Your Saskatchewan Hunt:

Your hunt will begin with your arrival at the lodge,homecooked supper and preserve paperwork, including a liability waiver that must be signed before hunt may start. The guides will be there to plan for the morning activities. Then you will get a hot shower and hopefully a good nights sleep as the hunt begins first thing in the morning.

After a continental breakfast at the lodge your guide will pick you up and take you to your stand and baited area or out to start stalking your animal, which ever you prefer, and the fun begins.

Lunch can be taken with you or you will be brought back to the lodge for lunch depending on circumstance or preference.

Once your animal is down, your guide will personally retrieve and dress your animal then set you up for  pictures of you and your trophy for our wall of fame and whatever pictures you would like for yourself.

When the day is done your guide will take you back to the lodge where you will have a delicious home cooked meal and be able to relax and relive the days excitement.

If you are one of the lucky ones to tag out early there are many things to do in the area. Cold Lake Alberta is 20 minutes away and has many sites to see like the marina, casino, many restaurants and shopping. Pierce Lake is also 25 minutes away where boats can be rented and many big fish are caught or lied about being caught. Non hunting guests are welcome for a fee off $150.00 per day.


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