What to Expect on your huntng trip to Saskatchewan

Items you will need to bring with you:

  1.  You must have your rifle import permit and your weapon in hand to cross the border (Click here or FORMS section).
  2.  Weapon of your choice and ammo.(enough for sighting in and hunting-40-50 rounds.)
  3.  Good optics.
  4.  A variety of clothing as the weather is very unpredictable here at this time of year.
  5.  Camera's and video equipment if you choose.
  6.  All necessary medications.
  7.  All archery hunters please bring your own safety harness that you are comfortable with.

Things not included in the hunt:

Processing and shipping of your Elk or Whitetail deer meat from your hunt. If you prefer, meat may be donated to a needy family.

Shipping of your horns and meat or Shipping of your mount, if you choose to have your taxidermy done here.

Gratuities, are at your disgression but are greatly appreciated by the guides, skinners and cooks as they work very hard to make your stay very enjoyable and successfull.

Rental car to and from airport.


garys second batch of elk pics 2.jpg