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Trophy Elk Hunts:

A little about our outfitting operation. We are a family run business so you are more than just a client to us, We like to think that if you spend your hard earned money to come to Saskatchewan to hunt with us you deserve the best service possible, with no hidden trophy costs or fees and no last minute surprises.

Once you are at the preserve you will see numerous Elk, Whitetail deer and possibly a moose or bear roaming freely. When the trophy animal you have choosen is in the crosshairs and the nerves have settled, you raise your rifle or pull you bow string and the perfect shot is made....... the rest of the story is told only by you to your buddy's about your dream hunt at Bighorn Buck Adventures.

All of our Elk bulls are purchased locally from producers, they are mature heavy, dark horned bulls that are 8 years old and up. Our motto at Bighorn Buck Adventures is if we wouldn't be proud to put it on our trophy wall we do not bring them into the preserve. So you know that the kind of animals  you are about to hunt can only be taken in Saskatchewan.

After you arrive and are settled at the comforatable lodge,have had your homecooked meal with the other hunters and the hunt stories have begun, Your guide will help you prepare for the next days hunt. A good nights sleep is next (if you can), The following morning your guide will pick you up and you are ready to hunt!

Our Elk hunts are 3 days long. We generally hunt spot and stalk but if long walks are not your thing then you may hunt from heated ground blinds on active trails with the weapon of your choice. Once your animal has been harvested and pictures have been taken your guide or guides will look after the skinning and butchering of your animal and it will be taken to the meat processing plant where it will be cut and wrapped at your cost whether or not you ship the meat home or donate it to a very grateful family here.

So e-mail or call Marc or Tyler and Book your hunt today! and let us show you the difference between an expensive hunt and a successful hunt!

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